Jeremy Bowers


I am a Senior Editor at The New York Times on the Interactive News deskOur group is one of the oldest of its kind and has a storied history.. I specialize in elections, campaign finance and the Supreme Court.

Previously, I was a news applications developer for NPRI found out long ago / It's a long way down the holiday road. on the news applications team. Most of that code is available for your perusal on GitHub, because I like to show my work.

Before NPR, I worked at the Washington Post in Washington, D.C. I built a handful of APIs and some news applications. I even got to help predict an election.

Before the Post, I worked at the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. I contributed code to the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact, a data-driven mug shots site and a high-school sports siteThey have since taken it down..


I write about food on Twitter and code socially on GitHub.

Additionally, I track the wines I drink for amusement.

Wines by Country and Type

Graphic created with RAW from Density Design.
Chile 1ChileCroatia 3CroatiaFrance 82FranceGeorgia 18GeorgiaGermany 4GermanyGreece 1GreeceHungary 1HungaryItaly 59ItalyNew Zealand 1New ZealandPortugal 1PortugalSlovenia 6SloveniaSpain 24SpainUSA 25USADessert 8DessertOrange 49OrangePink 38PinkRed 32RedSherry 8SherrySparkling 7SparklingWhite 84White

For example, lately, I am drinking more white wines

than practically anything else, even orange wines.