Jeremy Bowers


I am an engineering director at The Washington Post. I run teams that work on elections, newsroom engineering projects and publishing tools.

Previously, I was a Senior Editor at The New York Times on the Interactive News deskThis group is one of the oldest of its kind and has a storied history.. I specialize in elections, campaign finance and the Supreme Court.

Before the Times, I was a news applications developer for NPRI found out long ago / It's a long way down the holiday road. on the news applications team. Most of that code is available for your perusal on GitHub, because I like to show my work.

Before NPR, I worked at the Washington Post in Washington, D.C. I built a handful of APIs and some news applications. I even got to help predict an election.

Before the Post, I worked at the St. Petersburg Times in Florida. I contributed code to the Pulitzer Prize-winning PolitiFact, a data-driven mug shots site and a high-school sports siteThey have since taken it down..


I write about food on Twitter and code socially on GitHub. I am also on Mastodon.